Bank of Montreal – Advice Direct

Bank of Montreal – Advice Direct

What To Sell Spot

Bank of Montreal – Advice Direct

What To Buy Spot

Bank of Montreal – Advice Direct

Introduction Spot

Bank of Montreal – Advice Direct

Your Investment Compass Spot


BMO – Advice Direct (at Tendril)

As the creative lead of a very small team of illustrators and animators I worked under an incredibly short timeline in order to pull off four beautiful 2D animations for BMO’s new online investment tool called Advice Direct. The project was fast and furious. In only a couple of weeks we went from initial concepts and storyboards to a well defined visual style and final animations. It was tough! Looking on the bright side however, I had the opportunity to work at Tendril’s office in Rio de Janeiro and carved some time to enjoy the ocean whenever I could.


Client: BMO Agency: Blast Radius Creative Director: Steve Di Lorenzo Project Manager: Katie Hewett Production Company: Tendril Creative Director: Daniel Luna Executive Producer: Kate Bate Producer: Suzy Bradshaw, Mary Anne Ledesma Illustration and Art: Rodolfo Perisse Rocha, Julio Marcello Story Development: Chris Bahry, Daniel Luna, Luis Guillherme Animation: Daniel Luna, Gabriel Rocha, Luis Campos, Diego Galluzzo, Nick Fairhead, Bruno Sogno Sound Design: CypherAudio

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