US Cellular


US Cellular (at Tendril)

I was part of the production team on these series of spots for US Cellular and collaborated mostly on 2D animations, colour schemes and design/3D modeling of cute little 3D paper craft props.

Credits 01

Animation Director: Tendril Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Daniel Pommella, Alexandre Torres Executive Producer: Kate Bate Producer: Anne Deslauriers Art Director: Daniel Pommella Designers: Vitor Cervi, Luis Guillherme, Joao Lavieri, Vini Nascimento, Daniel Pommella, Daniel Luna, Luciano Pommella, Andrew Vucko Lighting & Rendering: Brad Husband Modeling: Luis Guillherme, Ben Pilgrim, Luciano Pommella, Marcin Porebski, Andrew Vucko, Natan Zuanaci, Daniel Luna 3D Animation: Luis Guillherme, Kim Leow, Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim, Marcin Porebski, Kevin Vriesinga 2D Animation: Daniel Luna, Leo Mateus Compositors: Chris Bahry, Brad Husband Editors: Justin Trovato, Luc Giddens of Cosmo Street Cosmo Street Executive Producer: Jerry Sukys Finishing: Mark Leiss of Arsenal FX Arsenal FX Producer: Sabira Khan Music: Josh Peck of Sons of Radio

Credits 02

Client: US Cellular Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney Agency CD/AD: Rich North Agency CD/CW: Paul Mimiaga Agency Executive Producer: Debbie Chin Production Company: Blacklist Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk Producer: Alexander Unick Live Action Production Company: Park Pictures Live Action Director: Chris Wilcha Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Dinah Rodriquez Producer: Nina Shiffman

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