The film was developed as an "exquisite corpse". Through the involvement of a group of pretty inspiring individuals, this is a testament to a creativity that transcends any particular fad or style - truly making something amazing, from nothing!
Directed by: Vucko
Producer: Molly Willows

Design & Animation: Daniel Luna / Andrew Vucko / Stephen Kelleher / Daniel Oeffinger / Sarah Beth Morgan /  Henrique Barone / Thea Glad / Yukai Du / Rachel Reid / Marcus Bakke / Emanuele Colombo (Antimatter) / Justina Lei / Nejc Polovsak (Twisted Poly) / Yino Huan / DeeKay Kwon / / Pablo Cuello / Romain Loubersanes / Jorge R. Canedo E. / Simon Appel & Oscar Pettersson of Part One / Sharon Harris / Seth Eckert

Narration: Julian McLaren Poulter

Original Music & Sound Design: Antfood
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